Explicit-disconnectors remain in connector space after deleting

After exporting some deletes, I noticed that the objects remained as placeholders in the connector space, with a state of explicit-disconnector.

The issue this causes is that if the object needs to be re-added to the connector space, it can’t be, because a duplicate anchor value is generated.

In the end, the cause of this was because the ECMA2 was implementing the interface IMAExtensible2CallImport


In this case, the Management Agent is an export-only one, so this interface doesn’t need implementing. It was added however, as a way of enabling Import and Sync operations on the run profiles for the connector (another story). Suffice to say, that by removing the implementation of this interface from the ECMA2 declaration, the expected behaviour was obtained – i.e. exporting a delete actually deleted the object from the connector space.

So, change it to this: