Stage 7: Roadmap stage

Purpose: To create a high level roadmap showing the sequence and expected timescale for when the functionality and benefits will be realised.

The roadmap is a high level plan, used as a stakeholder communication tool throughout the delivery of the solution. It can be used for agreeing any changes to timescales or priorities. It is business-focussed.

It is not a project plan, which is a lot more detailed and owned by the project management function who are responsible for delivery, however project management should be heavily involved in its construction to ensure that it is a realistic reflection of what is achievable with resource constraints etc

Output: A roadmap!

Stage 7 – Roadmap: How To

The roadmap generally takes the form of a horizonal timeline

It can have swimlanes for showing different types of deliverables, e.g. Business capabilities, business components, technology components.

It would also typically mark out significant milestones and events