About this website

Amongst other things, this website will be a place where I keep track of useful tidbits after I find a solution to a compluter-related problem. Hopefully someone else might also find something on here useful.

Why simplehooman?

Simple, because I am simple. “Hooman” is the correct pronunciation of “human” if you live in Norfolk, England.

4 thoughts on “About this website

  1. Albert S. Johnston III

    I was flailing myself about the head and shoulders trying to get Google Music Manager to work without success until I read your post. You have earned my eternal gratitude.

  2. Roga

    Thanks for puttting the firmware notes here. Its pretty much what Id worked out, wish Id found this site sooner ! Result came from googlng “Silicon Labs Si2157-A30 firmware linux” while trying to get a Hauppage TV tuner working through plex on a Raspberry Pi 4


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