Stage 5: Logical Design Phase

Purpose: Defines a single model that will be implemented

This brings together everything from the Analysis phase. The model shows all aspects of the solution that are within the scope definition, and design decisions that have been taken through the analysis phase –  such as changes  that have been agreed – are itemised.

Changes to organisation, business activities, technology are itemised. Use of data and information is also itemised. KPI/measures are also indicated.

The model is still “logical” because it is still in the form of solution components (building blocks) and interfaces. It is still a specification and needs tome engineering to make it.

Stage 5: Logical Design Phase HowTo

Use of patterns can help to identify regularly repeating problems and address them in pre-defined way rather than re-inventing the wheel. Analogy of town/building architecture – where roads need to cross there are predefined ways of managing them – traffic light junctions, roundabouts, crossroads etc.

Having a library of patterns can be a useful way to address a common problem, but also as a way to spot gaps in a solution, e,g to check you have thought about…

Identity and access management



Automated testing & deployment