Tacolneston Transmitter frequencies – post 700MHz switchover

I was having trouble with TVheadend not picking up lots of freeview channels. When I looked in to it, I found out there is a big reshuffle of channels and frequencies going on to free up the 700MHz band (694 – 790MHz) for mobile broadband use. TVheadend didn’t seem to pick up these changes even after a full scan. I couldn’t find all the info I needed in one place, so have gone around different sources and gathered this summary together. This should be correct as of 17th July 2018…

These were just added manually to the list of Multiplexes. For each one, I just specified the Frequency in MHz, and left everything else to AUTO.

The BBC B HD Mux failed to scan, until I set the Bandwidth parameter to 8Mhz. I didn’t need to do this on any other Mux.

Mux name UHF channel Frequency (MHz) from digital UK Channels
BBC A 40 626 main BBC channels (non-HD) and radio
D3&4 43 650 ITV, C4, C4+1, C5
BBC B HD 46 674 Main 5 HD channels
SDN 42 642
ARQ A 45 666 Dave, Sony Movie Ch
ARQ B 39 618 Yesterday, 4music, 4seven
COM7 HD 55 746 4seven HD, C4+1 HD
COM8 HD 56 754 BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD
L-NOR 32 562


Channels mentioned are not exhaustive list, see this page for full list: http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/channels/channel_listings

This page allows you to see the current channel numbers in use for your region, and which multiplex they relate to: http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/coveragechecker/manual_retuning

This page lists, for each UHF channel, the corresponding frequency (see centre frequency column): http://help.digitaluk.co.uk/display/4/kb/article.aspx?aid=8312